New Site and New Approach to Pricing

Well well well, here we are at my new place! Thanks for taking the time to visit and read this horribly written blog post. I’ll try to make it worth the time.

I took a long break from doing actual photography so that I could sell my home and buy a smaller cheaper one, which will hopefully lead to more adventures in exotic places. It’s sort of like that tiny home life… sort of. Not that Baraboo, WI isn’t exotic, I mean we do have Americas Water-park Capitol of the World just to the North, and the Circus World Museum right in town. If that isn’t exotic then I don’t know what is! With my home sale out of the way it was time to regroup as a business, and invest some time and money into myself. With that came a slew of new toys and this beautiful new, easy to navigate site. I hope you like it.

Lets talk gear.. To start, I didn’t jump on the Mirror-less band wagon (aka Sony) for two very good reasons.. ONE .. the way my bank account is set up it just doesn’t work that way, but no, seriously, my clients wont know the difference and in many cases neither will a professional. Ok, really there was only one reason and that reason was all financial. For the price of the HOT NEW SONY’s and their lenses I bought an entire arsenal of gear that is just as good if not better in the right hands. My hands, those are the right hands…. I think.

The List:


  • Nikon D750 , Full Frame Portrait Landscape Wildlife Machine


  • Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 Di VC USD G2, Sharpest Fastest Portrait Lens in the West

  • Sigma 50mm f1.4 ART DG HSM, ooooooh the BOKEHHHHH, SHARP maybe the SHARPEST

  • Nikon, NIKKOR 16-35mm f4 G ED, Wiiiiiiide angle … I dig it

  • Nikon, NIKKOR 200-500mm f5.6 E ED, It’s for the birds, and sports, and other animals as well.

As for my new pricing set up, I took a lot of time and really thought about how I wanted to change my pricing. Not only to help myself out but more importantly I want my clients to feel that they are really getting the best deal they can for my skill set with portrait photography. I looked in to client delivery products, package pricing, Ala Carte pricing, and a slew of other options. It really is mind boggling the amount of things that are out there for a photographer to use to deliver a high end product to their clients.

I landed on an Ala Carte style of pricing, after being influenced by some good friends who are also in the business. My reasons for this is time and cost. You, the client only pay for what you want and in the end it makes it easier for me to return your final images in a very timely fashion. To see the basics of my pricing visit my Investment page, and from there you can see any special deals or packages that are available with each style of photography.

Last but not least is ART… this is why I do it after all! Over time I will be adding some of my favorite images to my ART page. Those images will be available for sale with the suggested “best size” option listed and price for that exact piece. Know that other sizes and print options and styles will be available for purchase, you will just have to reach out to me for something a little more high quality or a different size.

That’s all for this terrible post as we crash to the close, coming soon on future blog posts will be modeling shoots and our yearly Calendar shoot with the Longriders Calendar Girls! Stay tuned!