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Small Business Branding In Baraboo Wisconsin

Every successful business must lean on branding, and for small businesses this is more important than you realize. We all know who Nike is but do we all know who the pizza joint is on the corner? With the help website design, product photography, staff headshots and marketing materials, everyone will soon find out who that mom and pop pizza shop is! 

Website Design & SEO

Your website is the digital foundation on which you build your brand. It must be smooth, fast loading and easy for your potential client to navigate. They must be able to find you on search engines and of course it is even better if it is affordable! Like most things now days, I have created a monthly plan that is easy to understand and affordable for all small businesses with no hidden future costs. 

I was trained in SEO (search engine optimization) by the top auto dealership website companies in the US, and have kept learning and staying on top of the latest trends to strengthen your SEO. This will help you get to, and stay on top of search result no matter which search engine your clients use. No tricks or gimmicks, we do it the organic way with strong content.

I Want to make sure that I have enough time in my days to take care of each one of my clients, currently I only have 8 website plans available. 

Below is my current list of clients, click on each one to take a look.

Professional Headshots

Professional Headshots by William Ireland Photography in Baraboo WI.
Jimmy from Baraboo Social Club black and white business headshot taken by William Ireland.
Elizabeth's business headshot in front of flowers in downtown Baraboo, WI taken by William Ireland

Professional Headshots are a great way to let everyone know who you are, putting a face to the brand. No matter if it is just you or you and your entire staff, I can help you stand apart from the crowd by getting fresh looks for the entire team.

Product Photography

Friday Fish Fry from Bobbers Island Grill taken by William Ireland.
Burger with onion rings and chips with a beer taken by William Ireland

Product photography is a crucial part of any business that wants to showcase the pride that they put into their products! Set the stage to tell the story of who you are and what it is that you are offering to the world, or at least the local world. BONUS! These images created are a great addition to your marketing efforts on social media, website or even billboards or printed materials. 

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