Your Investment with William Ireland Photography in Baraboo, WI


I’ve studied a lot of other businesses and other photographers along the way. I have also asked my clients and other peoples clients about what is most important to them when it comes to paying for a professional photographer. The experience is always on the top of the list but value is always number one. Lets face it, in today’s tech advanced world its pretty easy to produce a decent image even with a cell phone. So why pay for a professional when you yourself can produce a decent image with your phone. Simple, the art, the feel, emotion, and the impact. Whether it’s a simple soft image or something strong bright and powerful, you want to be pulled into that image. True artists are typically the only ones who can achieve this in their portrait work. If you want just an Instagram or Snapchat filter looking image then by all means use your phone because we don’t use filters here and that is not the type of images you should be paying for.

So that brings me my pricing. I’ve broken it down to one price for session fees based on the type of session and time involved in that style and ala carte pricing for image production. Too many people have told me they got a CD or Flash Drive and never actually printed prints for their homes or photo albums and that all changes now. If you choose William Ireland Photography, know that you will have actual prints to put on your walls and in your photo albums.


Session Fees

Senior Portraits: $200

Professional Head Shots: $100

Family Portraits: $100

*See individual pages for additional savings and bonus options


Ala Carte

Image Purchase

Individual Image: $50

Whats Included?

  • Professional Retouching

  • Proof Print

  • Print in size of Your Choice Up to 8x10 With Matte Mount up to 11x14

  • Watermarked Image For Instagram

  • Watermarked Image For Facebook

*See individual pages for additional savings and bonus options