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Revisiting Photoshoot Events Vol 1, Ashley at Tessuti

Welcome to a series of blogs focused on revisiting photoshoots I have attended over the years. I hope to have time go through old albums I have over the next few months. These albums are from group events that I have been lucky enough to be apart of all over the midwest.

Unplugged Artistic Event planning and studios is run by a dear friend of mine, Evie, who does a phenomenal job of giving artists like myself the opportunity to get our creative juices flowing. In volume 1 I am going back to the event she hosted at Black point estates in Lake Geneva.

Photo source: https://blackpointestate.wisconsinhistory.org/explore/

Event: Tessuti Fluenti at Blackpointe Estate

Tessuti’s theme was floral and victorian vibe with big gowns, flowing dresses or anything else we could create! As for us photographers, well the sky is the limit to create beautiful images in collaboration with the models.

Sadly I do not have any getting ready images of the model and the team of make up artists involved but I think the results speak for themselves! Ashley’s team of Make up artists consisted of Kristina of Allure Artistry and Emily Anne Artistry. Ashley did her own hair and styled herself in a beautiful gown for our photoshoot! I was rocking a Nikon D750 at the time and mostly shot this with a Tamron 70-200mm G2, which I still use at every shoot. We were using off camera flash from Godox, the AD600, in a 36″ octagon softbox. I was lucky to have the assistance of a talented photographer friend of mine Dan of Dan Bradley Photography. It was his first time at a photoshoot event.

Model: Ashley

And now onto the images! Click on them to see the larger version. Now these were all edited slightly different with the use of Photoshops new generative fill AI. It does make it a little bit easier to do background replacements, there was a car, telephone pole and wires back there before. So changes needed to be made! I also used an overlay on the first image to change up the feel of the portrait.

The second batch of images are some of my favorite images I have ever produced! It does help that Ashley is so photogenic! Sometimes photography can be a challenge and sometimes it all lines up and magic is made!

At photography events like this you only have one hour to meet up with your model, figure out where to take the photos, and to make the magic happen! It is a great way to challenge your skills! Let me know what you think in the comments or feel free to ask questions! Look for more photoshoot revisits coming soon!

Both of my boys have had their senior pictures taken by Bill. They both turned out amazing! We also have used him for family photos and professional headshots. Bill is super easy to work with, priced MORE than fair (honestly he should be charging more), is very creative and does a great job! Our daughter will be having her senior photos done with him as well in the future. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him for any event, special occasion etc.

Bill did an AMAZING job with communication, scheduling sessions (had to reschedule due to rain, but he was willing to work in the rain), and the finished product. I honestly questioned some of the areas we were taking my daughters senior photos at because they were in alleys with dumpsters and people throwing out desks and mattresses, but the finished product didn't show any of that and turned out 100x better than I expected. We will be using Bill for ALL of our photography needs.

I honestly can not Be more impressed with a photographer, 100% would recommend. Prices are AMAZING and he honestly makes you feel so comfortable during the entire session. We will for sure be using him for family pictures and more senior pictures in the future.

Gorgeous photos from a photographer who was fun and easy to work with. I asked for suggestions as I wasn't vey prepared, and he was creative and the result was photos so amazing that I wouldn't have been able to dream them up myself. I can't express how delighted I was to have had the fortune to work with William. My fortune was doubled because he traveled to us, which allowed us to get pictures of my baby for his 6 month half birthday at the nursing home where he could also get photos with his lovely but ill grandmother before she passes. It was such a special experience that resulted in such very special pictures. I can't recommend William enough. I also highly recommend not drinking anything behind a photographer ever. :-) He was amazing, creative, professional, affordable, and overall very easy and fun to work with.


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