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What’s New For ’23 – Senior Portraits by William Ireland

William Ireland

William Ireland

Portrait, Boudoir & Fine Art Photographer in Wisconsin

Woooooo Baraboo, man what a crazy few years we have been through.

Woooooo Baraboo, man what a crazy few years we have been through. I feel like I fell off the map a little bit when Covid hit and now I am starting over. Now I know that’s not the reality but It took a lot of my drive away and made it hard to even be creative with my photographic journey. We work through it and focus on the things we need to accomplish to get us on the right path and we push forward on to bigger and better things, such as this blog. I am going to be using this blog to showcase such things like my client work, the work I do in the modeling industry as a photographer and my adventures photographing wildlife, landscapes and the moon and stars. This will allow you to get a more intimate look into my photographic journey. I’m not much of a writer so lets just get into What’s New For ’23 Senior Portraits by William Ireland!


Seniors, you are my main focus as your sessions are one of my favorite to do! Huge changes have been made to your experience and more importantly your investment. I’ve got 3 main sessions for you, the MINI session, the PRO session and the D LUX session. and all new this year, the super limited influencer package! I need to call it a package because it is far more than just one session and is perfect for those who are very active on social media and want to make the most of their senior portrait experience! For those who do choose the influencer package, not only will you get a 4 hour session but you will also get 4 mini sessions throughout the summer and peak fall season. This gives you a leg up getting more images and more unique shoots. Maybe some smoke bombs, maybe some polaroids… we shall see what this year will bring! Oh! Let’s not forget about a mini session with your cap and gown!

Previously I predetermined what you got in your session when it came to prints, now I have changed that to a minimum order that way you get to choose what prints you hang on the wall. Anything from wallets to 5×7’s, 8×10’s, or larger printed on Fine Art Lustre Paper, Canvas wrap or even Metal! The overall pricing is not much different but you have total control over what you get with your total investment. Your initial order will also come at a discounted rate so that you get more prints for your money! As always you get some freebies with each senior session and the all new referral rewards! AND! a payment plan, break your session fees and minimum purchases up into payments by pre paying! There are just far too many things to talk about in just one blog!

One more very important thing I am working on is a free senior portrait day, yes that says free! I understand that not everyone has the budget for premium portraits and if I can give back to the community then I should pay it forward. So stay tuned to my social medias for when and where those will take place. It’s time to take senior portraits to the next level!


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